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Pose of the month — Stupasana

Pose of the month - Stupasana

Every now and then I give my body a rest from the high-intensity workouts to slow down and focus on balance, muscle concentration, and body control. I'm not a professional yogi; in fact, I'm not even a regular. I just see things I want to learn or poses I want to try, and with patience and persistence I achieve them. I've got a long way to go, but progress is in fact its own accomplishment. Challenge yourself and reach for the stars, my friends. ☀ Feeling yoga inspired by the brilliant @heidiwilliams89 ➡Follow at @runawaywithrea for more health, fitness, and travel content! ☀ ☀ #sunsetyoga #connectwithnature #balance #strength #tranquility

Little Rock AR USA

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