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Supported Headstand — Salamba Sirsasana

Supported Headstand - Salamba Sirsasana

I love Yoga, I have been practicing it since I was thirteen. My goal for 2018 is to share my passion and yoga love with my friends using social media or teaching them one on one. I was collecting pictures for a while but was unsure on when or how to start. But with this refreshing trip, I got an opportunity and boost to get a yoga pose clicked! I was excited yet nervous as the land was uneven and this was my first time doing headstand out in the open without any wall support! With a successful attempt, my adrenaline rush kicked in and with no second thoughts, I posted quickly (5 seconds rule) This is my first yoga pose, the love and messages which I have been receivimg from my family and friends is inspiring me to dive deeper into what I love and believe.

Yosemite Valley CA USA
Photo by paruljoshi_

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